Film Credits

This documentary was taped on location in St. John’s, Newfoundland-Labrador, Canada (NL) and Albuquerque and Corrales, New Mexico, USA (NM).

Producer, Director and Writer
Anne Carter Stirling

Additional Direction
Ray Penton, Jr.

Newfoundland-Labrador Production Facility
Think Visual, Inc.

Principal Camera Operators
Dale Kruzic (NM),
Kevin Hanlon & Al Crocker (NL)

NM Roundtable Camera & Sound
Matt Sneddon & Bob McDermott

Additional Videography
Anne Stirling

Editing and Post Audio
Laurence Zankowski

NL Production Assistant
Wendy Earle

DVD Authoring
Laurence Zankowski

Packaging Idea and Liner Notes
Judy Anderson



Thank you for your generosity, good humour and time.

Beth Barrett
Joyce Beckett
Brad Braden and Rick Vinnay
Nell Burrus
Cathleen Cahill
John and Jane Crosbie
Wendy Earle
Janet Everett

Anne Fagan
Carolyn Flynn
Mark Ganas
Danny and Lorena Hughes
Nidhi and Anant Kanoi
Kay Marcotte
Ray Penton, Jr.
Dawn Sanchez

Jane Slaughter
Jesse and Sandi Stirling
Mary and Bob Tanner
Anne Troake
Gretchen Walther
Gerard Whelan
Elizabeth Yeoman
Sheila Young



Archival photographs provided by Bert Riggs, Archival Center at Memorial University, NL. Additional photographs courtesy of Jane & John Crosbie, Jean Stirling and Jesse & Sandi Stirling (Newfoundland-Labrador;) Brad Braden, Nell Burrus, Lorena & Danny Hughes, Dawn Sanchez, Mary & Bob Tanner (New Mexico,) and Nidhi & Anant Kanoi (India.) Wedding Footage provided by Scott Stirling.


Special Thanks

A special thanks to those folks who supported me in priceless ways to bring this idea to fruition:

Geoff W. Stirling, Ray Penton, Jr., Roma Arellano, Rob Dawe & Judy Anderson.

And to

Aphrodite Films, Avanti Pictures Corp., Abigail and Craig Eaves, Barbara Fong, Mary Lance, Ginny Renfroe, Karen Stewart, Greg Stirling, Julia Thudium and to ALL who have engaged with me both on and off camera to discuss Why Get Married?. May the conversation continue.


Making the Documentary

The main currency used to make this documentary was the generosity and good will of talented Canadian and USA filmmakers, producers, camera people, sound folk, and editors who helped me along the way. I want to thank serendipity and editor/tech whiz, Laurence Zankowski, for jumping in at a critical time and accomplishing the post production/final edit with good humour and skill. Thank you all for your inspiring contributions.


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